Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Ship-In-A-Bottle Sculpture


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Thomas Kinkade Light Of Hope Illuminated Sculpture Featuring A Hand-Painted Ship-In-A-Bottle – The spirit of the oceans has guided intrepid mariners for as long as the first humans mastered navigating the high seas. Through imaginative means, mostly through drawings and carvings, they chronicled their arduous seafaring adventures and uncharted discoveries. One of the most inventive forms of replicating these picturesque visions of light was building miniature reproductions inside glass bottles. Such idyllic wonders of the world have greatly influenced the art of Thomas Kinkade, making his paintings beloved worldwide. Now his picturesque imagery inspires the Thomas Kinkade Light of Hope Sculpture, available only from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division.This ship-in-a-bottle masterpiece is inspired by beloved Thomas Kinkade art of a beautiful seascape that comes to vibrant, fully dimensional life through intricate handcrafting and hand-painting. Presented inside of a clear glass bottle, the ornate and fully dimensional lighthouse illuminates, casting a golden radiance throughout the multi-colored seascape. Additional LED lighting nestled beneath the sculpted ocean depths enhances its aqua blue, giving this masterful presentation a warm and inviting allure. Featuring genuine cork and twine wrapping on its neck and opening, the clear glass bottle is attractively set upon a wooden textured base that is adorned with an imprinted compass insignia and a gleaming metal title plaque. High demand is expected for this home decor treasure, so don't wait! Order now!