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Thomas Kinkade Teleflora Centerpiece for 2023 - Sweet Sounds of Christmas

The 2023 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas collectible is called the Sweet Sounds of Christmas. This year's piece features a snow covered gazebo surrounded by frosty trees. Inside and around the gazebo are carolers singing jolly songs about Christmas. The gazebo lights up inside to give your holiday decor a festive hue.





Thomas Kinkade Christmas

The Art of Thomas Kinkade

In his over 30 year career as an artist, Thomas Kinkade has inspired others with paintings of idyllic scenes of everyday America. His aim was to provide peace and joy in peoples' lives. He is considered the most collected artist in the world and it is estimated that 1 in 20 Americans has Thomas Kinkade artwork hanging in their homes.
Thomas Kinkade Gift Guide

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How Much is My Thomas Kinkade Worth?

How much is my Thomas Kinkade worth? That's a question we get quite often. While we're not in the business of appraising Thomas Kinkade artwork, we do know of a quick way to get some idea of what value your item may have. Check out this article to learn more…