Thomas Kinkade The Light Of Life Illuminated Lighthouse Sculpture


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The lighthouse has long been a symbol of faith in the Lord, its warm beacon of light portraying hope in the darkness of life. Now you can be reminded of your faith in God with the Thomas Kinkade The Light of Life Sculpture, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. Uniting stunning imagery by acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade with powerful, faith-fortifying words from the Holy Bible, this illuminated lighthouse sculpture is intricately handcrafted. From its sculptured crystalline “wave” that shimmers with glittery accents to the lighthouse's etched “brick work” that displays Jesus' comforting words, it's a beautiful display of faith.Uniquely canvased upon the sparkling waters is a full-color scene from Mr. Kinkade's masterpiece, “The Light of Peace.” Master artisans embellish the top portion of your Thomas Kinkade-inspired lighthouse with the elegant look of crackled glass – hand-formed pieces of clear, solid glass that allow the hand-painted pearlescent tones beneath to shine through. Plus with just the flip of a switch, the lighthouse's LED beacon lights up with a brilliant glow, perfectly symbolizing God's radiant presence in our lives. A wonderful expression of your own faith, it also makes a touching inspirational gift for someone special. Strong demand is expected, so order now!