Thomas Kinkade The Forest Chapel MightyPrint Wall Art Print

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While some of Thomas Kinkade's paintings depict places he's visited, The Forest Chapel was inspired by the painter's daydreams. In a deep forest of mighty trees and beautiful wild flowers, a narrow winding path leads to a warmly lit chapel. With Kinkade's skillful use of light and detail, you can almost hear the babbling brook of cool mountain water meander through the woods! The Thomas Kinkade The Forest Chapel MightyPrint Wall Art Print is an unframed state-of-the-art opaque print that measures about 24-inches wide x 17-inches tall. Move it from wall to wall and have no fear - it can take it! What makes MightyPrint wall art so unique? MightyPrints are made to last. Due to the prints' high quality and durability, you won't have the typical difficulties of tearing, fading, or warping. They're vibrant in color, making them a welcome addition to any collection. In addition, MightyPrints are made to diffuse light, bringing the colors to a new level when back lighting is present. Place yours in front of a window or in an LED illuminated light box (sold separately) and be amazed!

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