Thomas Kinkade Lamp With The Village Lighthouse Art On Shade And Lighthouse Base


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Thomas Kinkade Lamp With The Village Lighthouse Artwork On Shade And Lighthouse Base – Painted in 2002, Thomas Kinkade's “The Village Lighthouse” began on one of his seaside strolls in the English countryside. His vision of a sun-dappled village nestled on a rocky shoreline is warm and golden, its light echoed by the sparkling waves that dance over the ocean. Now, you can celebrate this uplifting work of art with the Thomas Kinkade The Village Lighthouse Lamp, including a sculptural lighthouse on the base, a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.This charming tabletop lamp features “The Village Lighthouse” art in full color on its 10-inch diameter shade while its hand-sculpted, hand-painted cobblestone-design lighthouse on the base is inspired by the image above. The lighthouse base also features the same climbing roses, foxgloves and impatiens that Thomas Kinkade created in his original painting while his signature lamppost, a charming blue door and rounded windows beckon you inside. Separate on-off switches control the golden light that shines from the windows and the beacon on top of the lamp base, as well as soft, diffused light from behind the full-color lamp shade, or both, providing versatile lighting options. Strong demand is expected for this Thomas Kinkade lighthouse collectible table lamp, so order now!