Thomas Kinkade Incense Burners With Cascading Water Motion


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Thomas Kinkade Cascading Waters Incense Burner Sculpture Collection Featuring A Tumbling Waterfall Motion Effect With Scented Incense Cones – Nature can be as mysterious as it is beautiful and inspiring. And few artists captured its allure like the Painter of Light™. Now an inventive collection of incense burners and incense cones brings his beloved visions of nature to life like never before. Introducing the Thomas Kinkade Cascading Waters Incense Burner Sculpture Collection, a limited-edition first exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. A stunning union of artistry, aromatherapy and “animation,” this dramatic collection begins with Issue One, Natural Beauty and 3 FREE lavender incense cones. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two and additional collectible incense burners with FREE incense cones, each a separate issue to follow.‡Each sculptural incense burner in this collection is inspired by one of Thomas Kinkade's beloved works of art, captured in glorious three-dimensional detail and meticulously painted by hand. And wait until you witness the dramatic waterfall motion effect! Simply light one of the backflow incense cones and watch as the scented smoke softly flows down the stepped waterfall just like nature's own. Plus, Thomas Kinkade's artwork is recreated on each incense burner, along with an uplifting message to inspire you every day. You will also receive FREE incense cones featuring unique fragrances with each sculpted incense burner. Strong demand is anticipated for this innovative aromatherapy collection, so don't wait. Order now!