Thomas Kinkade Heart Of Wisdom Heart Health Awareness Angel Figurine


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A heart full of wisdom and grace brings everlasting joy and peace. Celebrate the importance of women's heart health with this Thomas Kinkade Heart of Wisdom Figurine, available exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. From her sparkling angel wings to the heart-shaped glass jewel in her hands, this angel figurine brings a feeling of tranquility and beauty with elegant style and grace inspired by the luminous artistry of Thomas Kinkade. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each figurine is donated to heart health education and awareness programs.This breathtaking angel is handcrafted and hand-painted with a deep crimson red gown and flowing hair, both adorned with handcrafted blue roses. Set against such bold tones, her majestic heart-shaped wings glisten with a light all their own. Each meticulously etched “feather” is finished with a special silvery pearlescence and plenty of glitter for a heaven-sent radiance. Precision-cut facets give her sapphire-colored heart a sparkle that's beyond compare. Strong demand is expected for this limited-edition angel, which makes a lovely addition to your own home or a wonderful inspirational gift, so don't wait. Order now!